SOME SAYINGS OF THE BUDDHA – According to the Pali Canon – IV –


   Now the Exalted One, Gautama Buddha thus addressed the Bhikkhus:

‘Through not understanding, through not penetrating the Four Ariyan truths, Bhikkhus, we have run on and wandered round this long, long journey (of rebirth),   both you and I.  What are those four?

   The Ariyan Truth of Ill;  the Ariyan Truth of the Arising of Ill;  the Ariyan Truth of the Ceasing of Ill;  the Ariyan Truth of the Way leading to the Ceasing of Ill.

   But,  Bhikkhus, when these Four Ariyan Truths are understood and penetrated, then is uprooted the craving for existence, cut off is the thread that leadeth to rebirth, then is there no more coming to be.’

   Thus spake Gautama Buddha, the  Exalted One.  When the Happy One had thus spoken, He added this further:

   Blind to the Fourfold Ariyan Truths of things,  and blind to see things as they really are,  long was our journeying through divers births.  Gone is the cord of life when these are seen.  No more becoming when Ill’s root is cut.’