The Uncompounded


 ‘I will teach you, Bhikkhus, the Uncompounded and the way going to the Uncompounded.  Do ye listen to it.

   Now what, Bhikkhus, is the Uncompounded?  The destruction of lust, of hatred, of delusion, Bhikkhus, is called the Uncompounded.

   And what, Bhikkhus, is the way going to the Uncompounded?  It is mindfulness relating to the sphere of body that is so called.  Thus, Bhikkhus, have I shown ye the Uncompounded and the way going to it.

   Whatever can be done by a teacher desirous of the welfare of his disciples, out of compassion for them, that have I done for you, Bhikkhus.

   Here, Bhikkhus, are the roots of trees, here are lonely dwelling-places.  Do ye keep pondering, be ye not remiss, be not remorseful hereafter.  This is my instruction unto you.’ [1]

S.N. iv. 359


Foot Notes

[1] – “The section following of this sutta adds the other factors, viz: calm, thought, concentration of mind without object, the establishing of mindfulness, the four best efforts, the four bases of power, the five controlling faculties, the five powers, the seven factors of wisdom, and the Path.”


[‘Some Sayings of the Buddha – According to the Pali Canon”, translated from the Pali by F.L. Woodward, Page 322, Oxford University Press, Madras, 1925].