No Schism in Buddhism



When pressed by some worldly scholars  (whose names were not made public),  Bhikshu Tenzyn Gyatso said publicly that  ‘Buddhism is an academic subject.’  

However, the truth is that Buddhism is not an academic subject, and therefore it is necessary now to present here a statement of facts:

The first fact is that you, Bhikshu Tenzyn Gyatso, are not legally entitled to represent, or to speak, in the name of Buddhism,  i.e., the Buddhist religion in general.

The second fact is that you, Bhikshu Tenzyn Gyatso, uttered a most unfortunate statement against your own people, and therefore delivered into the hands of their terrible enemies a powerful weapon, as they shall not fail to take advantage of the opportunity you gave to them, by reasoning on the grounds that: if Buddhism is an academic subject, as publicly proclaimed by the Dalai Lama in person, then Lamas, Nuns, and Monasteries are not needed, only scholars and academies.

The third fact is that your statement, Tenzyn Gyatso, is a public declaration of schism, headed by you. Time to retreat your words Bhikshu Tenzyn Gyatso!


The truth is that Buddhism is Religion; Buddhism is a Monastic Religion possessing Temples, religious buildings, religious shelters, i.e., monasteries;  Buddhism is a religion with sacred religious services;  Buddhism is a religion possessing thousands of religious Scriptures and Holy Manuscripts;  Buddhism is a religion possessing a Monastic Sangha, composed by Buddhist Monks and Nuns, i.e., Bhikshus, Bhikkhus, Bhikshunis, Bhikkhunis,  who renounced the world, who are vowed to an entire life of full chastity, who are trained under religious disciplines and rules in the obedience to the Buddha, the Buddha Dharma-Vinaya, the Buddha Sangha for life, as has been done for the last 2.600 years.