Right View is the Ariyan View



“I will I teach six conditions, Bhikkhus, which prevent decay.  Do you listen to it carefully.  Apply your minds, and I will speak.”

– ‘Even so, Lord’, replied those Bhikkhus to the Exalted One Buddha, who then said:


“So long as the Bhikkhus shall dwell endowed with Right Views, that is, the Ariyan View, which leads to salvation, which leads one who acts accordantly to the utter destruction of suffering, along with their co-mates in the righteous life, whether in secret or openly, so long may the prosperity of the Bhikkhus be looked for, not their decay.”  

D.N.ii 79-80


(Some Sayings of the Buddha, According to the Pali Canon, translated from the Pali by F.L.Woodward, Oxford University Press, Madras, 1925)