A Pair of Swift Messengers – III –


‘Then, Bhikkhus, I had this thought:

“This Dhamma-Vinaya that I have reached is profound, hard to see, hard to understand, excellent, pre-eminent, beyond the sphere of thinking, subtle, and to be penetrated by the wise alone.

But this world of men is attached to what it clings to, takes pleasure in what it clings to, delights in what it clings to.  Since then this world is thus attached (to things), a hard task it is for them (to grasp), namely, the Originating of things by Dependence on Causes. (*)   A hard task it is for them to see the meaning of the fact that all activities may be set at rest, that all the bases of being may be left behind, the destruction of craving, Passionlessness, cessation, which is Nirvana.  

Verily, if I were to teach them the Truth, this Dhamma-Vinaya, others would not understand, and that would be labour in vain for me, vexatious would it be to me.”

Then the great Deva Brahma Sahampati appeared and begged the Buddha to teach the Dhamma-Vinaya for the sake of a few. 


(*) – Paticca-samuppada. 

(Some Sayings of the Buddha – According to the Pali Canon, translated from the Pali by F.L.Woodward, Oxford University Press, Madras, 1925).