Refutation – I –


Having fully surrendered to Tathagata, may the blessings of  Tathagata protect me. By way of Dharana having concentrated my will in the will of the Tathagata, doing as the Tathagata said:  to strive diligently for my safety first; by way of arhatship attain Nirvana; strive for the safety of His Dharma Vinaya, and Sangha,  in order that all sentient beings in this Earth of sorrow and suffering, whether from the present or from the future, willing to find the Tathagata Kingdom of Righteousness, may also one day have the blessing to see, as to hear, the perfection of the Tathagata lovely wisdom, attain arhatship, then Nirvana.  Today, as always, trough this surrender to the Tathagata,  may the Ariyans thoughts fill this mind of mine, bring to life the Ariyans sounds in my voice, and may the Ariyans silence in me abide till I attain the incomparable salvation that is Nirvana.

Here begins a gradual refutation of a misrepresentation against Tathagata

I – Analysis of the text of that misrepresentation presented in the previous post

a) – It first appeared by way of words written by A.P.Sinnett, in his book Esoteric Buddhism, under explanations that the subject had been told to him by his Indian guru, an anonymous brahman  of the Punjab who later moved to Kashmir with his family;

b) – A.P.Sinnett was an English journalist, then editor-in-chief of the most important British newspaper of India, The Pioneer.  In India, he became a member of the Theosophical Society, previously founded by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and the American colonel, Henry Steel Olcott, in the city of New York, 1875;

c) – that brahman of Punjab, the anonymous Indian guru,  sometime in his youth, studied in Oxford, England. He used a  pen-name in his letters to Sinnett.  What his real name was, does not appear in any of the documents signed by him, and later published as Mahatmas Letters to A.P.Sinnett, London, 1923;

d) – the analysis of the writing presented in the misrepresentation, shows the same writing discipline [not to confound with literary style] employed for centuries in the school of brahmans-acharyas,  which was founded under the Sringeri-Mathams, of India; 

e) – a basic text was written by anonymous brahman acharya; 

f) – that written text was handled to H.P.Blavatsky,  to which she added hers, apparently mixed with another  brahman commentaries, probably the guru of Sinnet;

Then, H.P.Blavatsky, in full knowledge of her falsity, in reckless disregard to all principles of morality, created one of the most filthy misrepresentations ever made in the world.


To be continued