Refutation – II –

In the chapter entitled Buddha, in his book Esoteric Buddhism, A.P.Sinnett makes more  misrepresentations, in many and diverse instances, until he reaches the core of them all, that which is being presently refuted:

“Buddha reincarnated himself, after his existence as Gautama Buddha, in the person of the great teacher … — namely, Sankaracharya. The latter part of this name, it may be explained—acharya—merely means teacher.” “… Sankaracharya simply was Buddha in all respects, in a new body.”


This is not the truth, this is not the fact, this is not the case of Our Lord Gautama Buddha.


Evil Shankaracharya was evil. As Shankaracharya was evil, he could only be an incarnation of Evil.

Why was Shankaracharya evil?

Evil Shankaracharya was an inflicter of suffering. Inflicter of suffering was evil Shankaracharya.

Evil Shankaracharya was master of hate. Master of hate was evil Shankaracharya.

Evil Shankaracharya was teacher of hate. Teacher of hate was evil Shankaracharya.

Evil Shankaracharya consecrated hate as religion in India.

Evil Shankaracharya founded organizations of hate in India.

Evil Shankaracharya named Sringeri Matham the organizations of hate that evil Shankaracharya founded in India, and that still exist till the present days.

Evil Shankaracharya ordained his priests of hate in his Sringeri Matham. In his Sringeri Matham, evil Shankaracharya ordained his priests of hate, in the religion of hate that he founded.

Who were – and still are – these priests of hate?

They are the sacrificers, killers by way of rituals, rites and ceremonies performed in their Sringeri-Matham, religious slaughter-houses, where they make human sacrifices till the present days.

Hate is evil, and sooner or later, it always end in the genocide of millions.

Evil Shankaracharya genocided millions of human beings in India, by way of the most horrible religious persecution ever done in the world.

Evil Shankaracharya perversity was so great that he left written instructions to his evil priests, teaching them how a Bhikshuni should be killed. (*)

The fact is that evil Shankaracharya is the one who needs to incarnate, and so he does, as proclaimed by his own priests of hate, till the present days: their teacher and master, evil Shankaracharya continuously incarnates in his Jagad-Gurus.(**)


(*) – These instructions I found reproduced in a foot-note of a book published and written in India by an Indian Brahman swami.  At the time, after a long and tiresome research, I made a list of eighteen different Brahmans,  contemporaneous authors, engaged in the disruption of the religion of  Buddha in India. 

(**) – Warning: refuse to look at their images. Hate is immortal.


To be continued.