Books purchased and paid by this writer, with her own retirement pension money, to be donated to the Educational Library of a future temple and monastery she intends to establish in Canada, were nearly all stolen.

She spent thousands of dollars in their acquisition, only to see them vanishing day after day, together with a huge amount of the kitchen equipment also purchased by her, for donation, accordingly.

Nothing will be left, if the stealings do not stop.

The thieves are Brazilian terrorists, who are doing here, precisely what they did in Brazil against my Ashram, a religious organization established by me in that country.

In Brazil, I established a library with more than 3,500 books, the great majority about educational issues, children books, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, history, sociology etc.

Every night, books vanished in the thin air. No signs of breaking in. No alarm ringing [although I paid a fortune to install there a very modern and expensive one made in Canada] that had been installed there by a private  company.

Complains signed by me in the Women’s Police Station of Caraguatatuba, ended in nothing.

Now, in this house where I presently reside, I had twelve boxes of recorded CDs, each one of them with 50 recorded CDs within, containing copies of rare books.

An entire box, containing 50 recorded CDs was recently stolen.

No signs of breaking in.