Refutation – III –

It is absolutely necessary to say that the Buddha knew very well what He taught.

Whoever within His Sangha refuses to believe Him, most certainly has not destroyed the fetter of doubt and wavering in the Buddha and His teachings.

In one of His sayings [already published in this Blog], the Buddha states:

“Whatsoever in the world, Bhikkhus, and in the world of the Devas, with its Māras and Brahmās, together with the host of Recluses and Brāhmins – of Devas and Mankind – whatsoever hath been seen, heard, sensed, known, reached, sought after, traversed by mind, insofar as all that hath been fully understood by the Tathāgata, therefore is he called Tathāgata.”

Our Lord Gautama Buddha very clearly says that there are Māras.

There are.  And this I declare, fundamented not only in my faith in the Buddha, but also in my own personal experience.

Our Lord Gautama Buddha also says that Māras are enemies of the Buddha, the Buddha Dharma Vinaya, the Buddha Sangha.

They are. And this again I declare, fundamented not only in my faith in the Buddha, but also in my own personal experience.

Our Lord Gautama Buddha clearly states that Māras are the end of all.

They are. Māras are the end of all because Māras are the death of all salvation, without any hope of redemption at all.

Aware that faith in the Buddha and His teaching is the first requirement to anyone who may read what comes next, I say that it is with my heart full of faith in the Buddha, and in His Dharma Vinaya that I write what comes next:  it took me many years to identify a hotbed of Maras engaged in their disgusting activities, since the XIXth century, till now: the Theosophical Society and its Esoteric School of Theosophy.

But, only the absolutely necessary details will be given here, that is, those that prove that, as the Buddha Sangha has a history of more than 2,600 years till the present days, the hierarchy of the Māras, as that of the Brāhmans, with their Brāhmins recluses, still remain, the first nearly extinguished, the other two partially veiled in secrecy due to the criminal nature of their rites, rituals and ceremonies:

01. Morya,  as  guest of the king of Nepal, Maharaj Jung Bahadur, once went with him in an official trip to England, where he met H.P.Blavatsky, then only 20 years of age.

02. Proclaiming and professing to be Buddhists – which as far as facts are concerned I sincerely think they were – the  Rajput Maharaj Morya, together with the Brahman Koot Hoomi [who for some time was a student in the University of Oxford] went to Tibet, following instructions of their Guru, the Rajput Maharaj Maha Chohan. There were also relatives of theirs involved in this fact.

03. In Tibet, both would remain some  periods in the region of Shigatse,  in the Panchen Lama Lamasery, although sometimes they would join certain rituals and festivals in Lhassa. This was in the XIXth Century, in that period when the British were destroying the Rajput kingdoms that refused to surrender, and even the palace of  Morya’s mother had already been taken.

04. Blavatsky joined them in Tibet, several times, learned the Tibetan language, and even resided in a Tibetan Buddhist Nunnery.

05. It is clear that Morya, Maha Chohan and Koot-Hoomi were not safe in India. And therefore, they could only appear in an anonymous condition, which they did.

06. They had yogi powers, i.e. lower siddhis.

07. Morya had a house in Ceylon [presently Sri Lanka].H.P. Blavatsky also lived there, for some time.

08. Morya undertook the revival of Buddhism in Ceylon, and his chief disciple there was the American Buddhist colonel Henry Steel Olcott,  who founded more than 400 Buddhist schools in that island.  This is a historical fact. But, the other fact is that Morya intention was revenge against the British, to destroy the British influence and power in the island. And, to a certain extent, also because the Buddha was born in India, and therefore, an Indian would substitute there, those who had destroyed Morya’s family in India.

09. Under instructions of Morya, it was Olcott who created the Buddhist flag, the same that is in use till the present days.

10. And here appeared the second certainty that I was facing Mara, i.e. that Morya was a Maharaj of the Maras lower worlds:

a) – the Buddhist flag was a trap intentionally done by Morya against the Buddhists;

b) – the Buddhist flag was an evil sight intentionally done by Morya to point the path of error to the Buddhist mind;


The fact is that, it was in the Theosophical Society in India that the Buddhist flag was originally created by Hindus; it presents phallic  Hindu symbols: the symbol of Shiva and Kali: the Shiva lingam [the male organ] is represented by the long, vertical stripes, and the Kali yoni [the female organ] is represented by the short, horizontal stripes. 




As it is universally known, from the Wheel of Law to the Stupas, and chaityas, the circle, or sphere is the basic Buddhist symbol. Not rectangles. Not squares.


To be continued