The Buddhist Flag – II –

As previously seen, Henry Steel Olcott apparently wrote in his ‘Old Diary Leaves’:

“I was much interested to learn, some years later, from the Tibetan Ambassador to the Viceroy, whom I met at Darjeeling, that the colors were the same as those in the flag of the Dalai Lama.”

Fact:  Henry Steel Olcott never went to Tibet.

Fact:  To Tibet went H.P.Blavatsky, at least twice, to meet there her masters [ Maharaj Maha Chohan, and Maharaj Morya, both of the Maras hierarchy, and therefore belonging to the Kshatriyas, as Devadatta  did, with the difference that Maras are the end of all]. 

Fact:  Henry Steel Olcott was also a disciple of those Maras, as he himself proclaims in his ‘Old Diary Leaves’.

Fact: In good faith, Venerable H. Sumangala Thera, then the highest authority of the Buddha Sangha in Ceylon, became Vice-president of the Theosophical Society, when the laic Buddhist, Henry Steel Olcott, was its president.  However, the Venerable Thera soon resigned.

Fact:  In the Buddha religion, the chief form [or shape] is the circle, or sphere, symbolizing the Wheel of the Buddha Good Law.  In Nature, the chief form [or shape], is the circle, disk, or sphere.

Fact:  As real disciple of Maras, and therefore, herself Mara, H.P.Blavatsky shows in her Esoteric School of Theosophy the colors of the aura of the Buddha, framed by circles, in papers distributed by her, to her theosophical disciples, and in which Buddhist religious teachings appear under the name of theosophy, and as being theosophy, not Buddhism.

Fact:  In the Buddha Sangha of Tibet, in thangkas attempting to reproduce the aura of the Buddha, circles frame the colors there presented, and although sometimes colors may differ,  yet, the shapes, or forms, surrounding the colors, are always circular. Never rectangular. Never square.

Fact:  Everybody knows what are the consequences when, in the middle of the arena, a Spanish torero shakes a red flag in front of a ferocious bull: the torero is immediately attacked.

Fact:  Everybody knows what are the consequences when the Buddhist Flag is shaken in front of ferocious minds…  Buddhist monks attacked!  Buddhist monks slaughtered!

Note that: in some Tibetan thangkas, which better reproduce the aura, the indigo blue of the intellectual sphere always has within it, gold rays symbolizing the Buddha compassionate intellect.*


(*) – As, without the gold light of compassion, the intellect is cruel – no matter how intelligent it might be.