The Buddhist Flag – III


This fact was very well known by the Maras of the Theosophical Society, who instigated the making of the Buddhist Flag presenting squares and rectangles.

It was so well known by them that years later they published a secret Buddhist Manuscript from Tibet, showing the evolution of this solar system of ours, together with the evolution of the races and continents, by way of circles, disks, spheres.

Therefore, the theosophical instigators of the forms presented in the Buddhist Flag, knew very well that they were deceiving the Buddhists, under the mask of reviving Buddhism in Ceylon, on one hand, while, on the other, they were in fact attempting to destroy it, on a far more potent and dangerous level.

Note that in her writings, Mara Blavatsky registers that she went to America (New York City) to establish a society there, which her Maras Masters wanted to have. 

But later, she wrote that,  in the day when that society was finally founded, that she took no responsibility in case of failure, this responsibility for failure laying solely on the 23 theosophists,  who met to sign the foundation of what she herself had previously said it was her chief responsibility to do there…

Years later, under different circumstances, a similar fact is also registered in writing: the chief Mara Master, after telling Blavatsky to found the Esoteric School of Theosophy, said that this school was the responsibility of its members only, and that, if the school would fail, they – the members – would be the only ones responsible for its failure… not him!

And therefore, fully aware that, in the XIXth Century,  a group of inocent Buddhists, in good faith believed in those who were in fact – at least to a certain extent – helping them to revive Buddhism in Ceylon, let our love and gratitude to those inocent Buddhists prevail on us, and may the great leaders of the present Buddha Sangha in this world, unite in harmony in order to make the necessary arrangements to improve the International Buddhist Flag, in accordance to the Buddha, the Buddha Dharma-Vinaya, the Buddha Sangha.