Buddha Temple in India and the small periwinkle garden, that I planted. 
 Behind the Temple is the Coconut Grove, and beyond, the Adyar river.
Now, note that there are two small garden areas, in each side of the stairs, bordering the front walls of the Buddha Vihar. 
There I planted perennials that do not grow vertically,
in order not to hide the lovely architecture details, of this historical Temple, built in 1925. 
It was there that, the day when I first started digging the earth
in order to plant the flowers I had purchased and donated,
that I found a large amount of human light blond hair, freshly buried,
as the natural shining was still there,
and although the first layer had some black earth covering it,
there was a great amount of hair that was clean and naturally shining,
as if it had just been cut and buried there.  
I searched to see if there was any blood, or spills of blood in it, but there was none.  
Lotus Garden of the Buddha Temple in India
Buddha Temple in India,  and the Large Lotus Pond Garden.
The Bodhi Tree is in the center, just behind the white wall with the green mass of bushes. Beyond, there is a path that ends in the Bell white tower, where there was a huge, ancient bronze bell made in Japan,  that was still there. As the bell had already been vandalized,
I used my bare hands to make the bell ring, as loud as possible. 

Buddhist Temple in India

The Venerable Ratanapala Thera, together with two more Bhikkhus from Sri Lanka, at my invitation, entered the Temple one day, to bless it and invoke the Buddha protection on it. 

Observe that, in this picture,
plants that grow vertically appear,
in the small garden area at the right side of the stairs. 
This Temple has been continuously profaned in India, by way of religious intolerance, in the Theosophical Society compound, Adyar, Chennai [Madras], Tamil Nadu, India.

Image of the Sun – NASA